Wedding Photography Planning

One of the questions I am asked regularly is “how much time do we need for photos?

Its a great question and when you ask it, your putting the right emphasis on your memories.

You don’t want to rush your photos but you also don’t want to leave your guests to their own devices for too long

So, here is hopefully a simply process to follow:
  • Once your married, yay, everyone will want a photo with you and to congratulate you. Allow 10 minutes here just basking in the sun of that.
  • Make sure you have a list of family members you want in the family shots. This makes it really easy and quick to get these essential photos tucked away. Usually allow 20 – 30 minutes for these
  • If your ceremony, bridal shoot & reception are at the same location, allow at the very least 60 minutes for the next part, the bridal shoot. This will incorporate 30 minutes with the full bridal party then 30 minutes just with you and your photographer.
  • If your reception is at a different location and you plan multiple “traveling” bridal party locations, allow a similar time as above. Make sure you add how long it takes to get to each location to the schedule and an additional 5 minutes for getting in and out of cars etc.

So, knowing my math is poor doesn’t help here but, by my calculations, thats at very least 90 minutes. (excluding any travel time)

Its also good to not go over 3 hours for the bridal photos. Your feet will start to hurt, you will be getting thirsty and to be honest, tired of smiling.

Taking this photo schedule into consideration when booking ceremony times and start of reception times is a must.

Also all you fashionably late brides, remember if you are on a tight schedule and your running late, it will cut into your photo time

Hope this helps, drop me a note if you are not sure on times, I’m more than happy to help you plan and provide recommendations.

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bride in a warehouse running for her wedding photos
Bride walking down the isle in Newcastle
bride and groom in a row boat on their wedding day
Bride in flowing dress holding umbrella in Brisbane
Bride and groom kissing for their Melbourne wedding
Newly weds on their photoshoot
Bride about to get married in her dress with hair and makeup done
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