Why are wedding photographer considered the lowest hanging fruit in the photography industry?

Ok this may be considered a little bit of a vent or maybe just a curiosity Ive never been able to understand.

Wedding photographers are usually considered by those in the other genres of photography as "oh, your just a wedding photographer". Its almost as insult as if there is no skill involved in photographing a wedding.

Honestly, this infuriates me as to be really honest, a good wedding photographer can earn 8-10k a day and is the master of all genres of photography. Personally I think the skills we have as wedding photographers puts us above every other type and genre of photography. read the story of the Much Maligned Wedding Photographers

For example Wedding photographers we have to be skilled at:

  • A good portrait photographer being thrown into a non controlled environment and make the very best of that situation
  • A good event photographer mastering all different lighting skills and challenges, that church wedding or the outside reception to the dance floor and the band coverage.
  • A product photographer to cover the Dress, shoes, rings, flowers, food and the multitude or other wedding accessories
  • A stylist, to be able to get the best out of a couple have have limited to no modelling experience and yet show them in a glossy magazine style
  • Food photographer to capture the best if the venues servings during the day.
  • Travel photographer, to be able to capture the highlights or varied locations under "thrown in at the deep end" weather and lighting scenarios
  • Studio photographer being able to understand lighting, take advantage of natural or introduced lighting to get the best in the limited time available.
  • Architectural photographer capturing the venues and locations at their best with little to no control over time of day and lighting.
  • Fashion photographer capturing the very best of the garments the couple, bridal party and guests are wearing.
  • Head-shots photographer grabbing this stunning bride and groom images up-close and personal
  • People manager, able to manage dozens or hundreds or people into one shot all within strict time constraints.
  • Editorial photographer, being able to be observant enough to capture those fleeting moments and tell the story for the couple and the day
  • Documentary photographer telling the story of the day and the couples love.

No other photographer has all these skills which is why I always scratch my head when I hear the whole "oh when you grow up" comments pointed at wedding photographers.

We don't have a cosy studio where all the lighting is controlled, we are literally thrown into it and with a couples expectations for one of the biggest days of their lives totally in our hands.

Of course there are cowboys out there, (weekend warriors who got a camera for Christmas) some who have little to none of these skills but to those of us who have trained and honed our skills over many years, run our own studios and truly love what we do, its insulting to hear.

So all you photographers out there who look down your noses at us hard working Wedding photographers, I challenge you to come spend a day with me and lets see who handles it better. This is a real challenge, bring it on.


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