When you are on the hunt for a professional Sydney wedding photographer, there are several choices and the process of making the right choice may seem overwhelming.

You want to choose a seasoned and highly reputed professional who will work with your needs and make your wedding a day to remember forever. 

As an established team offering top-range Sydney wedding photographer services, we genuinely understand your concerns and we are here to make your choice for the big day easier. 

So here is what you should look out for to choose the best photographer for your wedding day:

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Impressive & Rich Portfolio. Having an impressive and diverse wedding photography portfolio is a must when seeking wedding photography Sydney services. 

A portfolio showcases the skill, talent, and personal style of your photographer and should always be considered before choosing a photographer for your wedding day. A rich portfolio filled with beautiful wedding day pictures in different styles and settings is a great sign that your wedding photographer is capable and talented at capturing wedding moments beautifully, based on your individual style and wedding theme or settings. 

Years of experience. Although talent and years of expertise do not necessarily go together, it is best to go for someone who has many years of experience in photography services.

Why? The answer is simple--in most cases, the photographer will be more adept at capturing your big day moments flawlessly without committing any rookie mistakes.  We’ve heard many stories of couples hiring cheap and inexperienced photographers, often with poor results. So if you want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, choose a professional with years of experience under their sleeve.

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Various package options. Does your photographer offer different packages that cater to different needs and budgets?

Or do they offer one standard package for everyone? When it comes to wedding photography services, we all realise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach as each wedding is unique and your needs or budget may not be the same with another couple. Hence, we are glad to offer different packages and a custom package option that is specially tailored to your needs and preferences, if none of the standard packages does it for you. 

Great reputation. Last but not least, check the reputation and online reviews or client ratings of a particular company.

Choose a photographer with great ratings and several happy customers, and look for visual “proof” of their work as well. Beware of wedding photographers that do not have any reviews and real pictures of their work, or even worse have fake reviews and stolen pictures from others and present them as their own. You’ll know if you are dealing with a reputable and trusted photographer if their clients share their experiences and post real pictures and videos of their wedding day. 

In addition to the above, you may also consider your budget and get the best value for your money.

Prices range based on the package you choose and any unique specifications or additions you want to have. However, in most cases, prices range from 1-4K AUD.

At Dreams Photography, we take pride in offering top-tier wedding photography services in Sydney and nearby areas.

Counting many years of experience and a real talent for capturing the most beautiful moments of your life.

Contact us today and we’ll be glad to accommodate you on your big day!

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