Are you tying the knot in Sydney and curious to find out what are the Sydney wedding photography prices on average and what are the numerous Sydney wedding photography packages available?

Wedding photography services can take a large portion of your wedding budget and of course, it would be wise to find out about the cost of wedding photography services in Sydney so you can plan and make your choice accordingly.

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We got you covered because, in this brief article, we are about to mention the average Sydney wedding photographer cost as well as the price and features of custom Sydney wedding photography packages and short wedding photography Sydney prices as well, in case you are having a short wedding with only a few guests. Finally, we’ll give you some extra tips to get the best Sydney wedding photography services for your money. 

Sydney Wedding Photography Prices: Average Cost

When it comes to Sydney and nearby regions, Sydney wedding photographer costs range anywhere from 1000-5000 AUD. The range of short wedding photography prices (up to 6 hours coverage) is between 1K-2.5K while the average cost for a half-day or 10-hour package is approx. 4K AUD. Finally, the average Sydney wedding photography cost for a full day (more than 12 hours of coverage) including videography services is close to 5K AUD. 

However, the exact price and quote you’ll get depends on several factors such as the photographer’s skill, the features of each package (number of photos, snapshots, albums, hours of work), and of course the hours of coverage.

Extra additions like adding a second photographer or videographer can also add to the final cost by a few hundred to a thousand Australian dollars.

Sydney Wedding Photography Prices: All you need to know!

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Check out our page “Wedding Photography Prices & Packages” to see the exact cost of each of your available packages and what each package features. 

Price of Custom Wedding Packages

If none of the standard Sydney wedding photography packages does it for you, which we understand, you can request a custom wedding package. However, note that the final cost will depend on your requirements and the scope of the work. For example: do you need only one photographer for 6 hours and a specific number of snapshots or do you need all-day coverage with wedding videography services as well? As expected, the more you request, the more you’ll have to pay but the photographer may give you a discount for combining different services and features. If you have a good idea of what your package should cover, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to quote you. 

Extra Sydney Wedding Photography Price Tips:

How to Get the Best Value for Your Money

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Although we strive to deliver honest and high-value  wedding photography services in Sydney both in terms of quality and cost, there are cases where the “photographer” may lure you in by giving you a great price way below the industry average, but this comes with another price--you may find out later that the actual cost is much bigger than originally quoted or worse, the final scope of the work and results will be disappointing. If you don’t want to regret your choice, always go for a professional and established Sydney wedding photographer like us and avoid looking for amateurs or inexperienced wedding photographers in Sydney trying to entice you with a ridiculously low price. 

Besides the above, if you have a limited budget but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the work, check out for seasonal discounts or ask the photographer if they offer discounts for combined services. In some cases and especially if your wedding is off-season or if the photographer chooses to do so, there are great discounts on basic as well as custom Sydney wedding photography packages.
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