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Revealed: Average Cost for Photographer Wedding

Wedding photography is an essential part of any couple's big day, capturing precious moments and creating lasting memories. However, many couples often find themselves wondering about the cost of wedding photography in Australia. From the average price for a wedding photographer to the factors that influence pricing, understanding the costs involved can help couples plan their wedding budget more effectively. In this blog, we will explore the average cost for photographer wedding in Australia and provide insights into the factors that contribute to the pricing. Whether you're planning a wedding in New South Wales, Queensland, or any other part of the country, this blog will help demystify the cost of wedding photography and provide tips for getting the most value for your money.

What is the average cost for photographer wedding?

The average cost for a wedding photographer in Australia is around $2,500 to $3,500 for a full day of coverage. However, prices can vary depending on factors such as the photographer's experience, location, and the services included in the package.

Understanding the Normal Cost of Wedding Photographer in Australia

When it comes to wedding photography, the cost can vary significantly depending on several factors. The average cost of a wedding photographer in Australia typically ranges from a few thousand dollars to a five-figure sum. This cost includes not only the photographer's time on the wedding day, but also their equipment, expertise, and post-processing work. Couples should keep in mind that wedding photography is not just about taking pictures, but also about capturing the emotions and essence of the day in a way that tells a beautiful story. As a result, professional wedding photographers invest a significant amount of time, skill, and equipment into their craft, which is reflected in the pricing.

Factors Influencing the average price for wedding photographer

Several factors influence the price of wedding photography in Australia. Firstly, the number of hours of coverage required on the wedding day plays a role in determining the cost. More extensive coverage, including pre-ceremony, ceremony, and reception, will naturally incur higher costs compared to a shorter coverage period.

The skill set of a photographer also contributes to the pricing. Experienced photographers who have honed their craft and developed their unique style often command higher prices for their services. Their expertise, along with their ability to capture candid moments and create stunning posed shots, is part of what couples are paying for.

Wedding packages offered by photographers also play a role in pricing. These packages can vary in terms of inclusions such as digital copies of photos, a wedding album, a USB drive, or even a second photographer. Luxury weddings, which may require a second photographer, engagement session, or printing services, naturally come with a higher price tag.

Lastly, the overall cost of wedding photography can be influenced by the skill, experience, and reputation of the photographer. Established photographers with an impressive portfolio and a strong presence in the industry often charge higher prices due to the demand for their services.

The Role of Location in Pricing and wedding picture prices average

The location of the wedding also plays a significant role in determining the cost of wedding photography. Different regions across Australia have varying average prices for wedding photographers. For example, wedding photography prices tend to be higher in bustling cities like Sydney and Melbourne, where wedding venues and services are in high demand.

On the east coast of Australia, wedding photography costs may fluctuate due to the higher cost of living, venue prices, and competition among photographers. Similarly, the west coast, including regions like Western Australia, and South Australia, may have different average prices for wedding photographers.

In rural or remote areas, wedding photography costs may be lower due to a lower cost of living and less competition among photographers. Couples planning a wedding in these areas may find more cost-effective options for wedding photography services.

It's important to keep in mind that while location can influence pricing, hiring a professional wedding photographer who aligns with your vision and style is crucial for getting quality wedding photos, regardless of the location of your wedding.

Breakdown of Wedding Photographer Costs across Australia

Now, let's dive into a breakdown of wedding photographer costs across different states in Australia. While prices can vary within each state, we'll provide a general idea of average costs.

In New South Wales, which includes Sydney, the average cost of a wedding photographer tends to be higher compared to other states. The demand for professional wedding photographers, along with the higher cost of living, contributes to this higher average price.

Queensland, which includes cities like Brisbane, also has a range of average wedding photography costs. Factors such as venue prices, photographer experience, and availability can impact the price couples can expect to pay for wedding photography services.

Victoria, home to Melbourne, offers a variety of wedding photography prices. From experienced photographers to emerging talents, couples can find photographers that suit their style and budget.

In Tasmania, wedding photography costs can range from mid to higher prices depending on the photographer's skill set, reputation, and services included in their packages.

Wedding Photography Prices in New South Wales

In New South Wales, the average cost of a wedding photographer tends to be higher compared to other states. This is due to a combination of factors, including the higher cost of living, venue prices, and the demand for professional wedding photographers. Wedding photographers in New South Wales often offer packages that cater to different budgets, starting from a few thousand dollars and going up to five-figure sums for luxury weddings.

The cost of wedding photography in New South Wales can also vary based on the photographer's skill set, reputation, and services included in their packages. More experienced photographers with a strong portfolio and positive reputation may charge higher prices for their services, but they also bring a higher level of expertise and creativity to capture those precious wedding moments.

When considering wedding photography prices in New South Wales, it's important for couples to prioritize their budget and find a photographer who not only fits within that budget but also aligns with their style and vision for their wedding day.

The Price Range in Queensland normal cost for wedding photographer

In Queensland, which includes major cities like Brisbane, the price range for wedding photography varies depending on several factors, including photographer experience, services included, and location.

Knowing the average wedding photography costs in Queensland can help couples plan their budget more effectively. On average, wedding photographers in Queensland charge anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a mid-range five-figure sum for their services.

The specific price range within Queensland, especially in cities like Brisbane, can be influenced by factors such as venue prices, cost of living, and photographer availability. Additionally, photographers may offer different packages with varying services, such as hours of coverage, digital copies of photos, a second photographer, or the inclusion of a wedding album.

When budgeting for wedding photography in Queensland, it's important for couples to consider their priorities, style, and the services included in a photographer's packages. By comparing prices, portfolios, and services offered, couples can choose a photographer that meets their budget and photography needs for their special day.

The Nitty-Gritty of Wedding Photography Packages

Understanding the intricacies of wedding packages is essential for obtaining good photos. Packages often include hours of coverage, and the options vary across different regions like NSW. When considering packages, don't forget to inquire about add-ons such as a videographer. Additionally, keep an eye out for promotions or discounts on social media platforms like Facebook. Grooms should also explore the possibility of bundling photography with videography when searching for options. This blog will provide insightful information on parliamentary packages and their inclusions.

The Inclusions in a Basic Package

A basic wedding photography package typically encompasses hours of coverage, a customized wedding album, and high-resolution digital copies. The overall cost of wedding photography packages is influenced by the addition of a second photographer, professional printing services, and any extra add-ons you may require. Different wedding packages from seasoned professionals offer a blend of candid moments, posed portraits, and creative shots to capture your special day. The total price for wedding photography packages depends on factors such as travel time, extravagant wedding settings, and any supplemental services needed, ensuring you get good photos that truly reflect your big day.

What Extra Services Might Cost You

Additional services from professional wedding photographers encompass a second photographer, printing, and travel time. The cost of average cost for photographer wedding and photography packages is influenced by extra time, luxury weddings, and the necessity for digital copies. Pricing varies with posed images, candid photos, and random shots included in the packages. These offerings feature a blend of candid images, posed photos, and random shots. The significant aspects of wedding photography costs are shaped by the wedding venue, bridal party, and the expenses of wedding photography services.

Maximizing your budget for wedding photography doesn't mean compromising on quality. Opt for comprehensive average cost for photographer wedding and packages that offer hours of coverage and various inclusions. Consider the expertise of a videographer to capture all the moments. Engage with potential photographers on social media platforms like Facebook to gauge their style and reviews. Remember, good photos are timeless investments. In NSW, take advantage of diverse locations, from scenic coastlines to historical landmarks, to add depth to your wedding album. By being strategic and open-minded, you can secure exceptional service without overspending.

Tips to Save on Wedding Photography

To save on wedding photography, consider limiting hours of coverage, prioritizing photographer skill over pricing, choosing digital albums over printed ones, picking a venue with minimal travel for the photographer, and seeking package deals for bridal party photoshoots. By doing so, you can make the most of average cost for photographer wedding and packages and still get good photos without breaking the bank. These strategies ensure efficient use of resources while getting high-quality wedding photographs. Utilizing these tips can help you get the best value for your money without compromising on the outcome.

Why an Expensive Photographer Could Be Worth It

Investing in a top-tier photographer for your wedding can result in exceptional, timeless photographs that encapsulate the essence of your special day. Seasoned professionals adeptly blend candid and posed shots, ensuring a comprehensive portrayal of your celebration. An expensive photographer also often includes the expertise of a second skilled photographer, expanding the coverage to capture every moment. Additionally, for high-end weddings, the sophistication of costly equipment and advanced skill sets are imperative. Moreover, professional wedding photographers frequently provide printing services to ensure the longevity of your cherished memories.

Demystifying the High Costs of Wedding Photography

Average cost for photographer wedding and photography costs can seem high, but understanding the breakdown helps. Behind great photos are hours of work, quality equipment, and editing software. These all factor into the overall cost. Additionally, professional wedding photographers offer various packages, each with different inclusions. When evaluating costs, consider what's included in these packages. NSW, Facebook, or Parliament weddings may have diverse pricing due to location or additional services like a videographer. Understanding these aspects will help you appreciate the value and effort that goes into capturing your special day.

Capturing the essence of the wedding day involves skillfully documenting the engagement session for the wedding album. Professional photographers, affiliated with the Master Photographer Association, ensure a blend of candid and posed images to encapsulate genuine emotions. They expertly deliver a mix of candid images that truly capture the essence of the wedding day.

Luxury equipment plays a crucial role in capturing quality wedding photos. Professional wedding photographers invest in expensive equipment to ensure high-quality images. The cost of day coverage includes the use of advanced technology for exceptional results. Additionally, offering digital copies of wedding pictures enhances the overall quality of the images. The most expensive average cost for photographer wedding photography package often includes a USB drive with digital copies, providing clients with an extensive collection of their special day.

Frequently Asked Queries About Wedding Photography Costs

Finding the perfect wedding photographer can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. When considering wedding photography costs, it's common to wonder about various aspects. From understanding the different average cost for photographer wedding and wedding packages available to the hours of coverage needed, every detail matters. And if you're in New South Wales (NSW), knowing the price range specific to that area is essential. Additionally, questions about the role of videography, the importance of good photos for social media, and the value of hiring a professional videographer might be on your mind. Let's not forget about the significance of capturing moments for the bride, groom, and their guests!

How to Choose a Photographer within Your Budget?

Researching average cost for photographer wedding prices in various cities across Australia, such as Melbourne and Sydney, can help you find a photographer within your budget. When considering photographers, prioritize skillset over random photos. While amateur photographers may offer lower rates, be cautious of their skill level. Take into account the wedding venue and location as these factors can impact the cost of photography packages. Look for wedding photographers who offer cost-effective package deals for quality services.

Is the Cost of Wedding Photography in Australia Worth It?

Professional wedding photographers in Australia go above and beyond to capture the perfect moments on your special day. They offer extra time, high-quality images, and packages tailored for luxury weddings. Investing in a professional photographer ensures a mix of candid and posed images that will create lasting memories for your wedding album.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs associated with wedding photography packages?

When considering wedding photography packages, it's crucial to be aware of any hidden costs. Take the time to carefully read the package details to avoid surprises. Additional expenses may include travel fees, extra hours of coverage, or charges for prints and albums. Don't hesitate to ask your photographer about pricing before signing a contract.


In conclusion, photography is not just about capturing moments; it is an investment in preserving cherished memories that will last a lifetime. The average cost for photographer wedding in Australia varies based on several factors, including location, package inclusions, and the photographer's expertise. While it may seem tempting to cut costs, remember that an experienced and talented photographer can provide you with exceptional results. Take the time to research and compare prices, read reviews, and view portfolios to ensure you find a photographer who aligns with your vision and budget. Remember, your day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and investing in quality photography will allow you to relive those beautiful moments for years to come.

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Wedding Photography Prices

Elopement Style - 3Hrs

3 Hour Package
2 x A3 Prints
You Receive all Images from your day
60 Additional Highlight Image Edits
Slideshow of Highlights to Music
Online Gallery
All Images Fully Edited + B&W versions
Instant Digital Delivery
See all your images within 48hrs

$995 on Sale usually $1295

Streamline Package - 6Hrs

6 Hour Package
2 x A3 Prints or 24" x 16" Canvas
All Images yours
60 Additional Highlight Image Edits
Slideshow of Highlights to Music
Online Gallery
All Images Fully Edited + B&W versions
Instant Digital Delivery
See all your images within 48hrs

On Sale from $2292 - Now $1500

Fasttrack Package - All Day!

All Day Unlimited Hours
2 x A3 Prints or 24" x 16" Canvas
All Images yours
80 Additional Highlight Image Edits
Slideshow of Highlights to Music
Online Gallery
All Images Fully Edited + B&W versions
Instant Digital Delivery
See all your images within 48hrs

On Sale from $3195 down to $2495

Contemporary Package - All Day!

All Streamline Package inclusions Plus
4 x A3 Prints or 20" x 30" Canvas
All Images yours
80 Additional Highlight Image Edits
11″ x 14″ Wedding Album 44 Pages
8″ x 6″ Parent Album

Was $4195 One Sale $3295

Swish Package - All Day!

All Streamline Package inclusions Plus
2 Professional Photographers
7 x A3 Prints or 36" x 24" Canvas
All Images yours
80 Additional Highlight Image Edits
11″ x 14″ Wedding Album 50 Pages
Two 8″ x 6″ Parent Albums

Sale price from $5195 to $4195

Engagement Photography

Professional Photographer with 90 Minutes Photography Time.
As many Locations as you time allows.
All images fully edited + Highlights Reel
Digital Delivery within 48 hrs


Second Professional Photographer

Additional Professional Photographer,
Unlimited hours,
Cover full day from a different perspective.
Ideal for when you are getting ready in different locations or just want to capture every moment.


Wedding Videography Packages

6hr package, 1 minute sizzle reel
6hrs package, 3-5 minute reel
10hrs package, 3-5 minute reel

NOTE: Videography must include a photography package.

$1500 - $2999

What sets Dreams Photography apart from other wedding photography studios is our commitment to offering affordable prices and customizable packages. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality wedding photography without breaking the bank. Our goal is to provide you with a range of options that suit your budget and preferences, allowing you to create a tailored package that perfectly captures the essence of your wedding day.

Our wedding photography prices are designed to be competitive, without compromising on quality. We understand that planning a wedding can be a costly affair, and we want to make sure that you get the best value for your investment.

Trying to find The Right Photography Package?


We pride ourselves on not just being photographers, but rather artists creating unique and expressive imagery.

We have a number of packages available for all budgets. This includes Engagement Photography and Wedding Photography Packages.

Enjoy checking out our list of packages and inclusions below and feel free to contact us for monthly specials and package deals.


How do you photograph weddings?

I love being by your side to help you before your wedding day. I'll send you a guide to help you organizing your day, the best moments for the couple photos, the different lights... and it's really exciting for me to receive photos of your dress, shoes, invits...! On your wedding day, all I want to capture is the feelings, the mood, the emotions, the calm and crazy moments and all the details that make your wedding unique. That's why I decided to photograph non-traditional and laid-back wedding.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm Sydney and Newcastle and yes I love to travel! If you want me to photograph your story, I don't require a travel fee. Only International and Northern QLD events will be charged at cost to me.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 3 days (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your story). You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints!

How many pictures will we receive?

For a 8 hours coverage wedding, you will receive between ~2000 fully edited images.

Whats does "all day mean" in the packages

It means, we will be there ALL day, there is no time limit within that day. You start at 4am, so do we, you leave at 11pm, so do we. there is now limit.

How do you photography my partner getting ready if we are not at the same location with one photographer

Who work with you on your plan and as long as you partner is within 15 minutes from where you are getting ready we can usually arrange to go and photograph them as well.

Sometimes we might need to arrange the boys getting ready early just to fit in with the bride finally getting dressed but we can always work around your schedule.

What Clothes do you wear to our Wedding?

Although we find suits impractical we usually wear black pants and a long sleeve shirt with a vest.

How Long after our wedding before we see our photos?

You will see your photos within three days of your wedding. This is where we start the process of you choosing some highlight pictures and the requesting it etc.

This is all done online so there's no need to come to the studio and you can do it at your leisure.

How do we receive our images?

We use fast Digital delivery for all of our wedding photography images. When all everything is complete and you have approved them download all of your images and your highlights.